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Children’s Chapter Book

Captain Inkbeard and the Treasure of Monkey Island

Ahoy, mateys! Get ready for a swashbuckling adventure with Captain Inkbeard and the Treasure of Monkey Island! Join Captain Inkbeard and his fearless crew as they set sail on a quest to uncover a legendary treasure hidden on a mysterious island. But they’re not alone in their pursuit—cunning monkeys and secret traps await them at every turn. Will Captain Inkbeard and his crew outsmart their rivals and claim the treasure for themselves? Full of action, humor, and unexpected twists, this thrilling tale will keep you on the edge of your seat. Avast, me hearties, it’s time to join Captain Inkbeard on an unforgettable journey to discover the Treasure of Monkey Island!

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Captain Inkbeard and the Treasure of Monkey Island Book Cover

…Sometimes, what we want and need are two different things. That’s the primary lesson at the end of Captain Inkbeard and the Treasure of Monkey Island. Allie Compeau’s adventure story is a blast to read, featuring some jolly pirates led by a hilariously outspoken captain. The characters are vibrant, with little quirks that make them distinct and fun to read. Inkbeard may remind you of Captain Barbosa from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. I especially enjoyed his dialogue and relationship dynamics with the crew members of the Coral Conqueror. This fantasy adventure story is bound to be loved by children below the age of ten and even some adults who enjoy pirate adventure tales.

Pikasho Deka

Readers' Favorite

I love this book.

Captain Inkbeard is sooooooo nice. His behavior is so unlike the many bad things you probably heard pirates are known for, which is what makes him such a good model for children and makes this book well worth recommending.

When you think of a pirate, I bet you don’t think of a figure who is selfless and compassionate. Yet that is exactly what you get with him. This is a lesson that never grows old that all children can learn from.

I was especially impressed when instead of opting to be greedy to go off in pursuit of treasure, he and his crew who are just as good-natured and generous, took time out to help some monkeys who, without getting into specifics, let it suffice to say their king had deceived them and stunted their intellectual growth.

Penn F

Amazon Review

What a thrilling children’s chapter book series filled with high-seas adventures, treasure hunts, and a crew of colorful characters. Young readers will be drawn into the world of Captain Inkbeard, a daring pirate with a heart of gold, and his quest for the elusive Monkey Island treasure. With each page, the series immerses kids in a swashbuckling journey, teaching important lessons about friendship, bravery, and the excitement of discovery. Perfect for young adventurers, this series is a delightful blend of imagination and life lessons.

Mr. Lyon

Amazon Review