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A Night Game

Prepare to be immersed in a realm where trust wavers, senses deceive, and the boundary between reality and fantasy fades with each turn of the page. In this gripping tale, embark on the ultimate adventure where secrets abound, mystery looms, and the quest to rescue a lost sister leads Owen and Hugh through a maze of enchantment. Can they untangle the web of secrets before reality and imagination collide? Are you ready for a journey that challenges what you believe to be true until the very end?

$2.99 Kindle

$9.24 Paperback

16.99 Hardcover


A Night Game Book Cover

A Night Game

Award Winning

2023 Winner of Firebird Book Awards – Children’s Fantasy 2nd place.

… A Night Game is filled with spooky monsters, evil witches and even plants that have developed some very unpleasant ways to keep people from picking their blossoms. Compeau’s characters, especially the twins and Erebus, are finely drawn and credible, and the dynamic among the three of them builds up the tension and sense of foreboding quite well. Compeau’s plot has everything a scary adventure needs, and her writing works perfectly to keep the mood going. This creepy book works no matter what age you are; it only takes a bit of imagination and an enjoyment of scary stories. A Night Game is most highly recommended

Jack Magnus

Readers' Favorite

The heart of this story revolves around a central question: When your senses betray you, who can you rely on? This delightful and slightly spooky narrative strikes an excellent balance between sibling rivalry, an otherworldly and unsettling reality, and an urgent mission that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. I recommend this book.

Vickey B

Amazon Review

This is an awesome book! It’s super exciting and very well written. I couldn’t put it down, and it kept me hooked from start to finish. The way the story unfolds is so clear and easy to follow, and the author’s use of language makes it feel like you’re right there in the middle of the action. I’d totally suggest this book to anyone looking for a thrilling adventure!

Paul B

Amazon Review